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Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Axure RP, InVision
I’m a designer with broad experience in user-centered UI/UX solutions.
I create projects that support not only up-to-date visual trends but also, more importantly, user friendly, compelling UX.
My workflow
I always divide my workflow into creating User Experience and then User Interface.

User Experience
When working on UX, I always adopt methodology to project’s needs and requirements. Stages common for all types of the UX workflow are: 
1. Setting exact goals of the project
2. Research of the market and interviews with potential users
3. Creating wireframes and prototypes
4. Testing prototypes with group of potential users

Lean UX
Lean UX is the method I find most useful for the majority of projects I work on. Using this technique allows me, as a UX Designer, engage the entire team in creating the project. Developing product with support of dev team, product owners, managers and, more importantly, the clients, allows me to test ideas at an early stage. It boosts work on the project and helps to avoid time-consuming adjustments in the future.

User Interface
I create project with up-to-date visual trends, basing on engaging interactions and material design solutions. Before providing final files to the client I always make tests with high fidelity prototypes (usually with use of InVision).

I'm experienced with RWD and mobile projects. For mobiles, I create UI for both iOS and Android guidelines. 
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